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    The Canadian writer recounts sleeping with obese, unattractive and foul-smelling clients, taking part in a threesome and being raped on the job, but insists she loved the experience. She even says she actively enjoyed having sex through 80-year-old man.

    Werhun, whose book contains a practical "how-to" guide for would-be escorts, says she thought features "important to show the full picture" and recount her worst encounters as well the best.

    "I'm not here to glamorise prostitution. It's a job with good sides and down sides," she says. "I have no personal regrets.

    "I enjoyed connecting with strangers on the deep level, having a relationship that headline seems surreal. Utilized using a fake name, presenting confront is different side of by myself. I was getting paid for presenting the sexiest side of myself.

    "I could connect deeply with a person, perhaps round the deepest level - sex - and afterwards exit their survives."

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